Meteor plant

Strategy for high reliability

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About factory



The factory «Meteor» has been constructed in 1959 in Volzhsky, which in turn has been based for 5 years earlier in connection with construction of the Stalingrad HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION. 

Creation of the factory in new city was not casual. It was thought over decision. The young city possesses always a more potential of young, educated and arrogant people. This potential also was required for successful development of the advanced and claimed electronic branch. 

The city and the factory have proved in practice the solvency and necessities the next years. The construction of the trumpet factory largest in Europe has been started in this time in Volzhsky, and «Meteor» have started manufacture of the best Russian resonators such as KB (HC-27/U) and КА (HC-29/U). 

By the end of 80th years the factory «Meteor» was the largest manufacturer of quartz resonators and filters in the country. More than 50% of radio equipment made in the country was completed with products of the factory «Meteor». 

 All products made in the factory were of high quality. These products are widely applied in telecom and navigation equipment, including board equipment of the air  crafts and space vehicles.